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The world of a creative sea nymph

Here's a secret... I really don’t want to work….. on projects that don’t inspire, challenge and motivate me that is.  Life is too short not to delve into initiatives that fill your cup and your wetsuit with sand. If it allows my creativity to seep to the the surface, involves the environment and provides a platform to showcase our blue planet then I'm jumping in head first. It gives me life, energy and motivation. And it gets the results. Below is a sample of projects that are bubbling away, completed projects and generally what you can expect when you enter my world...

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Revealing the Secrets of the Saudi Red Sea

Saudi Arabia has an incredibly diverse environment. It's much more than deserts, camels and eagles. One of the Kingdom's best kept secrets are its colourful tropical reefs, hidden in the Red Sea. Coral Kingdoms of Saudi Arabia is a global education and tourism marketing campaign that includes: a community

outreach program, international photographic competition, education portal and exhibitions

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Tasmania Down Under

Multi-media campaign

Tasmania is one of the most biologically diverse marine environments on the planet with colours and life that rival any tropical reef. It’s a world that is relatively unknown, undervalued and underappreciated. Tasmania Down Under is set to change this with an integrated environmental, science, education and tourism campaign that will showcase the State’s best kept secrets to local, national and international audiences using several high profile media platforms.


YouTube Series

Showcases scientific research using our warped sense of humour, brains trust and creativity. See behind the microscopes, beakers and re-breathers as we dig a little deeper into the research and discovery of the natural world. If you want to take a walk on the wild side dust off your lab coats and jump on board as our talented team of scientists and world-class cinematographers use time-lapse and high-speed footage sequences to showcase science and nature like never before.

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The art of science and the science of art

An innovative photographic exhibition that fuses, science, art and storytelling to create an immersive experience that explores the art of science and the science of art. It’s a cross pollination of disciplines designed to appeal to a wide audience by creating a colourful narrative that explores the inner workings of the underwater world using the ancient scientific technique of diaphonisation.

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Seadragons Lair - White Night Festival

A dynamic sensory experience

An epic underwater adventure set against the backdrop of the State Library’s, spectacular Latrobe Reading Room. The space creating a unique 360degree immersive experience unlike anything the festival has seen.

World-class animation, sounscapes and underwater cinematography collide to create a living canvas and a feast for the senses amongst a backdrop of fins, flippers and fur. Hold your breath as the ornate arches and architecture disappear beneath a wall of water, revealing the city’s best kept secret – a marine metropolis that rivals tropical reefs in colour and diversity.

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Melbourne Down Under

Melbourne's best keep secret

Revealing Melbourne’s best kept secret – a marine environment with colour and diversity that rivals tropical reefs, showcased to an audience of millions across several high profile media platforms including a documentary, coffee table book, outdoor exhibition and schools education campaign. The documentary has been screened numerous times on Network Ten and campaign elements have received over 10 million dollars in free media coverage across some of Australia's largest media outlets. 

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The Sunken Gallery

A unique underwater sculpture experience to be established at The Dell, Clifton Springs on the Bellarine Peninsula, it aims to encourage the local community and visitors of all ages to put on a mask and snorkel in a safe and family-friendly environment and explore the unique colour and diversity of the southern Port Phillip.