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My story

If I had my choice, I'd have gills instead of lungs, a breath-hold to rival the sperm whale and a sparkly green mermaid-esque tail. Since I don't I spends as much time as I can diving and blowing bubbles to capture the wonders of our underwater world.

My happy place is working with clients to develop innovative projects that bridge the gap between science and the public.


Works have included international travelling exhibitions, IMAX movies, documentaries and marine based community engagement projects. She’s currently working on several documentaries, campaigns in the Saudi Red Sea, an underwater sculpture installation and a marine exhibition that fuses arts and marine science.

You can find my mug sharing my knowledge through; regular television appearances on The Project and Studio Ten and guest spots on talk-back radio. I'm also a regular contributor to Ocean Geographic, Australian Geographic and Club Marine magazines.

My work has seen her awarded numerous accolades in including several Young Australian of the Year awards and the Australian Centenary Medal for outstanding contribution to conservation and the environment.  I've also served on several government boards and committees and am currently the director of several marine conservation organisations.

I'm also an award-winning author, who has just finished her fifth book, Melbourne Down Under a stunning photographic book that reveals Melbourne’s best kept secret – a marine environment that can rival some tropical reefs in colour and diversity. Preceding this was KamaSEAtra - Secrets of Sex in the Sea, a humorous read about the unique reproductive methods of sea creatures and the parallels they share with humans.

Let’s Work Together

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